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Fullgen offers whole exome sequencing (WES) as well as whole genome sequencing (WGS).This sequencing technology looks at all the coding regions of a person’s genome, examining thousands of genes simultaneously. For this reason, WES and WGS are among the best methods of detecting the causal mutation in complex genetic conditions, as well as identifying new mutations.

In the recent years, more and more companies offer WES and WGS. Fullgen makes the difference not only for prices, but also for the quality of the results. Our bioinformatic analyzes are not performed by automated software, but scientists and highly qualified physician are in charge of looking among the mutations found. The search performed by an experienced and qualified person is of fundamental importance, since many mutations are often overlooked and ignored the  importance in automated programs, often proving to be the original key mutations of any disease.

Another advantage of Fullgen is the time dedicated to the bioinformatic search of variants and bibliographic records. Our company dedicate the triple of time to analyze each sample, thus providing the client with a study that is much more complete than the rest of the competitors.

Today’s sequencing equipments handles all the same efficiency standards approximately. That is why the quality of its analysis will fall on the type of bioinformatics analysis that is carried out on its sequence. When talking about health, the quality of the search for variants and bibliography done is of fundamental importance, being able in many cases to mark the difference between life and death. At Fullgen we will dedicate the time and importance necessary to assure you the best possible diagnosis.